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Things done in Goa
14th Jan
- Royal Phoenix Inn - Panaji
- Flag's Inn - Panaji
- Mangeshi Temple - Phonda
- Basilica of St Francis Xavier -
- Archaeological Museum
- Church of St. Francis of Assisi
- Miramar Beach - Panaji
- George Restaurant and Bar - Panaji -

15th Jan
- Gitanjali Cafe - Panaji
- Viva Panjim - Panaji -
- Dona Paula Beach - Panaji
- National Naval Aviation Museum - Vasco -
- Bogmallo Beach
- Fort Aguada
- Silva Motel - Candolim
- Cactus Sheperd's Pie - Candolim
- Bending Bamboo - Candolim

16th Jan
- Fisherman's Cove - Seafood Platter - Candolim
- Rent Bike
- Arpora Flea Market -
- Fisherman's Cove - Candolim
- Bending Bamboo - Candolim

17th Jan
- Ride Rented Bike
- Seabird Shack - Anjuna Beach -
- Infantria - Baga -
- Dolphin Cruise - Off Sinquerim
- Sinqueriem Beach
- Bending Bamboo - Candolim

To the Believers.
There are people like me in this country
cynical of anything and anybody,
afraid to commit to an idea
unless tested and proven by humanity,
approved by their peers
and blessed by their idols with feet of clay.
And then there are the believers,
who wear their heart on their sleeve
unafraid of ridicule,
washed in their innocence,
the best friends you can have
or the worst enemies you can make.

At first glance we may all look alike
but its our choices that decide who we are.
The success of Anna Hazare
is not in the merit of the bill he supported
but the movement he created
releasing the believers among us
from the grasp of cynics.

The docile revolted, the brave supported,
the agendaized were made to step aside.
Now let the believers steamroll us,
eclipse us in their faith,
smother us in their enthusiasm.
we deserve no better
and our existence, no worse.

A day in the twitter life of @freegeek
After my earlier post on A Day in the Twitter Life of a Bombayite it was only fair that I analyze my own tweets. So here is what I tweet about through the course of a day:
  • Try to adapt any recently overheard insult and troll @dhempe
  • Make a tangential reply to @_alps tweets and plot the @peeyuka and @_alps fight.
  • Reply to one of @vodkaholic's one dozen cribs of the day about working hard.
  • Reply to one of @b50's one dozen rants of the day.
  • RT one of @anaggh's hundred forwards of the day.
  • RT one tech story by @f3ew @inkv or @bhuto just to keep up appearances that I know anything about tech.
  • RT one drunken tweet by @schmmuck
  • RT one news story to pretend I care a fuck about whats happening in the world.
  • Try to pull either of @AntarYaami or @chandler_vt's legs. Not both on the same day.
  • Make fun of one of @askammya's twenty daily narcisstic tweets.
  • Find new ways to bug @madmanweb
  • Ask @initrd some silly Q over twitter when he sits right across.
  • Crib about Bangalore to bait the @jackol and the last 2 Bangaloreans who follow me.
  • Depending on the mood either troll or praise Pune and Puneites.
  • Make one tweet about missing Bombay without doing anything about getting back.
  • Make one tweet about losing weight without doing anything about losing it.
  • Make one tweet about a chindi salary without making any effort to change jobs.
  • Make subtweet troll on social media implied towards you know who you are

Mast Kalandar's Pathetic Delivery Service
14/12/2010 - Day 1

* 9:30pm - Ordered food from Mast Kalandar.

* 10:15pm - Got a call from Mast Kalandar delivery boy (9739841620) asking for directions. Directions were given and the guy said he understood them.

* 11:17pm - Realised its almost 2 hours so I called Mast Kalandar. I told the person on the phone about the order. He asked around and I could hear the same voice who had called me earlier,  laughing and saying, "address gotilla" (meaning "dont know address"). So this guy had apparently gone back having not found the address. I think that is false as he did not even call back again to ask for directions if he was lost and nor did he care to tell the cashier about not having found the place.

One of the dishes ordered, the Tikki dish would have gone all soggy in 2 hours so I asked them if it can be replaced. They said "No". There was no option at this hour so I asked for the order to be delivered anyways.

* 11:32pm - Usual delivery boy arrives within 10 minutes of call. HE complains about the other guy. Tikki is refried on pan. Chole is microwaved. All is forgiven.

15/12/2010 - Day 2

* 8:30pm - Order from Mast Kalandar again, joking that well, at least we'll get it by 10:30pm. This time I ordered from their web interface so that I could put down the address exactly, with landmarks etc.

* 9:25pm - Despite that I get a call from their delivery boy asking for directions. They were given and understood.

* 9:35pm - He calls again (9535794308) saying he was below my house and he had the order but he thought it may be wrong so can I please confirm what I ordered. I told him the order and he said no this has extra roti and that he will go back and get the right food. HUH?!

* 9:40pm - Call Mast Kalandar. They say they have no idea what I was talking about. I told the cashier to please find out and see what's happening as this is happening the 2nd day in a row. He says he will do that.

* 10:15pm - Get pissed because of no response from Mast Kalandar. Can't wait till 11:30 like last time and it was already almost 2 hours so I order from Dominos.

* 10:19pm - Another Mast Kalandar delivery guy calls asking for address. I tell him I have no interest in telling him the address again or the food.

* 10:30pm - Delivery guy arrives suddenly from apparently being "lost" and without being given any directions. I tell him I don't want the food. He says it'll get cut from his salary. I ask him when he did he leave the restaurant with the food. He says 9:40. I ask him to ask Mast Kalandar why they sent him out so late and who had called me earlier claiming they were below my house and gone back. He claims no knowledge of that. I believe he wasn't lying. The convo goes round in circles and I had no interest in eating 2 hour old sogginess again so I told him to go back and ask who messed up the first time.

* 10:35pm - Someone else also from Mast Kalandar turns up and almost steps into my house (WTF?!) saying please accept the food. I tell him too: "Go find out who caused the original messup".

So a few points to ponder from this:

* There isn't any delivery tracking system in Mast Kalandar as no one even knows the status of an order.

* Managers or cashiers have no control on delivery boys.

* Or it may simply be a Mast Kalandar policy of discouraging delivery of small orders ( both orders were ~170 types) by delaying.

Either ways, from an average of twice a week they aren't getting any more business from us.

Grin and beer it!
My article about Bangalore Pubs in the MG Road, Brigade Road area.

A day in the twitter life of a Bombayite

Monday morning.

8:00am: F@#k I'm late. Need to get from suburbs/town to $hell by 10.

8:30am: Someone remind me not to be up so late on Sundays.

9:00am: ("Traffucked at Worli/Mahim") or ("Why are there so many idiots on this train / bus who can't let me have my personal space")

9:15am: ("That idiot in BMW doesn't know how to drive") or ("Why is this person standing on my foot?")

9:30am: [Insert tweet about Mumbai politicians here]

10:00am: I've reached but my $boss, $employee $customer hasn't. How f@#king unprofessional.

10:01am: OMG the $person isn't here yet. I'm about to explode!

10:10am: OK here we go but no AC/too much AC in this conf room. WTF.

11:10am: My $boss/employee/customer is stupid

12:00am: Is there anyplace decent to go eat in this sad area?

[hundred replies]

12:30pm: Ok, I'm off to eat at this $place1 that you guys haven't heard of.

1:00pm: This $place1 has huge waiting. WTF. I'm going to eat at that even shadier looking $place2

1:30pm: My stomach is fucked. This office has such a dirty loo.

2:00pm: Oh No. Have to go to $other_corner of city to meet $fool

2:30pm: Damn. This city is so hot. and Dirty. Where do all these people come from?

3:00pm: [insert something derogatory about ghatis/gujjus/bhaiyyas/madrasis here]

4:00pm: I need a vacation ... but no one takes vacations in Bombay so what would people think of me?

5:00pm: This fool's work looks like its going to take all night to complete.

6:00pm: Oh great this finished early. Maybe I can still go all the way home to the other end of town and come back halfway for $party.

7:00pm: ("My driver doesn't know how to drive.") or ("This bus conductor is so rude")

8:00pm: Where has my Bai mixed my party wear? She can't do one thing properly.

9:00pm: Off to this god forsaken part of town for a friends party only cause he/she saved my life this one time.

10:30pm: Dammit. I'm early, no one here yet. I hope people don't think I lost my job.

11:00pm: Ah thankfully someone arrived. I was getting tired of my friend's irritating husband/wife.

12:30am: Damn shouldn't have had that 4th drink... early day tomorrow...

1:30am: Should have left already but friends husband/wife is coming onto me and rather cute lol.

2:30am: ("Hope no pandus checking") or ("My rick guy thinks he's schumacher")

3:00am: That was a great day. Good night y'all!

Next Day #Rinse #Repeat.


What a Q
Sudheendraa: and how can i change so that a window doesnt open everytime i click something

Sudheendraa: i end up opening so many windows

Me: !

Leaving Bangalore.
Moving to Pune on Monday.

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Man why didn't someone point me to this earlier.

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In Dallas
In Dallas for the weekend. Who's here?

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